Increasing traceability of physical library items through Koha: the case of SELIDA

Panos Georgiou, Kyriakos Stefanidis & Giannis Tsakonas - Library & Information Center, University of Patras, Greece


The Library & Information Center, University of Patras, Greece has developed the SELIDA framework, which integrates a set of standardized and widespread library technologies in order to increase the identification and traceability of physical items, such as books. The framework makes use of RFID tags in order to assign unique identification marks, in the form of URIs that can be globally exchanged. The framework has been implemented in the fully translated and customized Koha installation of our Library and its core services support checking in/out of books and browsing of history transactions with geospatial visualization. Its use can support transactions between various libraries or branches of the same library. The proposed presentation will describe the architecture of the framework and how it connects to Koha, as well as the challenges we faced during its development.